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It all began with a romantic suspense comedy tale, Nikrova's Passion, which made use of Henderson's "on site" vacation to England. Her three week visit there was not as fraught with danger as her heroine's was in Nikrova. But then it didn't include a dashing hero either. It was definitely her learning book because she rewrote it from scratch three times over more than a decade before an editor called her and said the magic words, "we'd like to go to contract on this manuscript."

What had drawn her to London and points west, east and north of it, was a love of the medieval Plantagenets. Sadly, she never made it to the ruins of Richard III's castle outside of the City of York, but she walked the medieval walls there. However, when she returned to the States, it was back to what life usually has in store for a girl. She met a guy, married said guy, and followed him when his job took them from the American Midwest to the Pacific coast, and then backtracked them to the Mohave Desert and Las Vegas. It was during a weekend touristy trip to Death Valley that all the westerns Henderson had watched on television while growing up now figuratively dug an elbow in her ribs and said, "hey, the research is right here. Use it!"

And thus began the offshoot of the contemporary romance writing goal into one that was pure Old West adventure and mystery. 

During the over three decades of turning out novels, Henderson has written under a few other names, spinning even YA romantic comedy based on the old Saved By The Bell television show. 

In 2021, another 19th century American west novel, UNTIL . . . was released (her 8th novel length historical) but she's also stealing notes from J.B. Dane's muse and a four book mini series that is paranormal romantic comedy mystery, the Whithur-Wolf Detection series, begins lauching August into December. 

The year 2022 lets Henderson revisit romantic suspense with GHOST NOTES, though the release date isn't set yet.

Right now, let's get to the titles currently available or about to become available!

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Jace Hastings' star was rising in the music community when things went to hell, courtesy of a stalker with deadly designs. It's been ten years and, considering Hastings is presumed dead in a vehicle collision, P.I. Gaelen Wyndom can't believe someone wants her to find him. It's Mission Impossible.

Pelham Flannery rejoined the world in the intensive care unit, fully aware that someone had tried to kill him. To live, he went under the radar. Did everything he could to distance himself from his profession, disguising every element that would give his identity as Jace Hastings away. He gave up the only thing he'd cared about: music. Pel thought after a decade it was safe to come out of hiding. He was wrong.

Gaelen's life bloomed anew when she married Luke Wyndom. Her going nowhere career as a vocalist vanished as her husband trained her to be a professional investigator, a career choice that tantalized and thrilled her. Then Luke was killed on a case though she continued on. Alone. Being assigned to locate Jace Hastings is a hinky assignment, particularly because she isn't told who the client is. But she's a good P.I. and puzzles out who wants to find Jace Hastings.

If she's right, it's the man who tried to kill him once already. Which means she needs to find Jace Hastings and save him.

Also Available from BnN, KOBO, Apple & Paperback

Whichur-Wolfe Detection tales are snagging 5* Reviews!


A 4 book series that mixes #cozymystery with a touch of #paranormal, stirs in #comedy, and then adds a dollop of #romance!

The Whichur-Wolfe Detection series where werewolf meets witch and murders are solved and miscreants caught!

And in case you are wondering, no Connor Wolfe never has a wolf's head and tail when he's in his suit. I just wanted "comedy" to definitely be featured in the cover. Both characters are in their 30s -- well, Connor appears to be, though he's older. How much older, you'll have to wait to find out!

Available only at Amazon in E-book and Trade Paperback

Available NOW!








UNTIL . . .

Finalist in Historical Romance 2021 at N.N. Light Book Heaven

2nd Place in Novel Length Fiction for 2021 NEST awards (National Excellence in Story Telling)

When Talmadge Hammond drifts into the Idaho mining camp

he has no intention of using his law degree. He’s there for whiskey

and the gold he can win at cards. Instead, he must save the life of

the woman who’d once vowed to love him until…

Noletta Kittridge begins that day covered in a man’s blood and accused of murder. She has sinned to stay alive. Redemption can come only by giving her life to save the person who accidentally killed the man. Even Tal’s reappearance in her life can’t revive Letty’s will to live.

Determined to keep her from the hangman’s noose, Tal must either convince her to tell who did kill the victim or solve the mystery himself.

If he fails, he and Letty will finally reach that unvoiced destination beyond until…

Read a deleted murder from

the story on the Blog page!

Finalist-Nest_2022 (2).png





Kindle only E-book


A decade-spanning tale of soulmates torn apart by each’s pursuit of a career in the late 20th century.


The choice to follow love or a career tears Paul Montgomery and Aurora Chambers in two different directions, complicating their lives - particularly their personal lives - for three decades.

In a story that weaves through the mid 1960s into the 1990s, success and love touch on the loss of colleagues, the deceit of rivals, and just missed chances to grab what has always fueled Paul's success: his love for the girl next door.

Oddly enough, Paul Montgomery and Rory Chambers and a few other cast members from SUPERSTAR turn up as secondary characters in GHOST NOTES!





Kindle only E-book

Now $1.99


The text was a death threat. There was no doubt about it in Fletch Layton’s mind. Dominique, his slinky, bombshell girlfriend for the past two years had given him one week to decide whether he was marrying her or not.

It was enough to make a man panic. And so, like the master procrastinator he was, Fletch decided to put off making any sort of leap. On one hand there was gorgeous but flinty eyed Dominique. On the other was freedom.


There was only answer . . . dump the problem in the hands of his childhood pal and best friend, Brenda Burton. Except, he'd no idea she'd been in love with him forever.


Originally published as A Week 'Til The Wedding by Silhouette Books.



Kindle and Trade Paperback


J.W. Walford was only a step ahead of the posse when he fetched up at the Burgess Ranch and found an unconscious woman and a hungry baby in need of his aid. Louisa Burgess needed to run before the man who wished to own her arrived to stake his claim - that he'd won her as well as the ranch in the final hand of poker her feckless late husband had played. With J.W. needing to avoid the lawmen on his trail, and Lou in a rush to leave her homestead, it seemed fate had finally smiled her way - at least for the moment. But a different danger tracked her as she fell more in love with J.W. each evening . . . AT TWILIGHT. 

Reviewers say . . . 
"AT TWILIGHT is a powerful, unforgettable story -- a western that's at once tender and gritty, passionate and exciting, with a climax that will both shock and uplift. It comes alive with historical details and offers readers a journey of the heart." Romantic Times



Kindle and Trade Paperback

Now $1.99

For the Holiday season, St. Nick got a pink slip.

Wally Pruitt was just too perfect in the role to suit the other Santas, so he was out the door. But with that door still open it left an opportunity that both Roxy Mercer and Nate Carrington were intent upon profiting by. Roxy wanted Santa in place in her Christmas-year-round shop, The North Pole Outlet. Nate wanted a a familiar rosy cheeked and white bearded face on Carrington's Christmas Catalog, and possibly a sales represent well worth his weight in sugar cookies the rest of the year. Which of course meant war was declared when it came to winning this Santa.

Reviewers say: "Beth Henderson delights us with SEDUCING SANTA, a lovely holiday treat filled with jolly scenes and animated characters." Romantic Times

"SEDUCING SANTA has a cute plot with lots of shady, underhanded fun." Affair De Coeur

"Once again, Beth Henderson delivers a heartwarming, feel good book you won't want to end!" Lori Foster



Kindle and Trade paperback

Now $1.99

She’d made a mistake once in trusting a man. She was never going to make another. If that meant the only man in her life was the child she’d reared on her own after being betrayed, then so be it.

He’d been coasting, accepting a relationship that when it ended, he’d felt nothing. Not sorrow, not relief. Just . . . nothing. Rather than stagnate, he needed to figure out what was missing in his life and correct the problem. It wasn’t business – that was thriving. It was . . . well, everything else.

The holidays were closing. Friends and family wanted Mallory Meyers to take another chance on love. Patrick Lonergan’s twin wanted his brother to be happy. And Christopher Meyers wanted a Dad. 

Which is how Pat landed on Mallory’s doorstep with a gift tag pinned to his lapel.

Previously published as New Year's Eve (Special Edition) and Ring in the New



Kindle only E-book

Now $1.99

Chemistry can involve more than merely test tubes.

Take two brilliant scientists, mix in industrial espionage, an age gap, an explosion, an accusation of murder, stir in a touch of wistful fantasy, clever repartee, a bit of erotic bedroom . . . and other rooms . . . elements, and the result is . . .

Two multi-published novelists having far too much fun.

Beth Henderson and Letty James combine their talents and strengths to spin this wild tale of recovered youthful appearance, adventure, danger, and a second chance at life.

Kindle edition now reduced to just $1.99!



Kindle only E-book

Now $1.99

Three years ago, Tim Starling ran from Veronica Dey, the "M" word hanging in the air behind him. But three years is a long time, particularly when a guy is counting the days that have passed since he made the biggest mistake in his life.


Three years is also long enough to realize what he really wants is be married and become a father. . . as long as Roni Dey is both that spouse and the kid's mother.

Unfortunately, three years is also enough time for her to realize she just might not need him in her life after all. Particularly since it looks like she's replaced him with a Nordic god handyman.

But he isn't the CEO of the family firm just because he was born into the executive office. He has a plan, the funds to see it to fruition, and a willingness to do whatever it takes . . . come rain or come shine . . . to win her back for the perfect happily ever after.

Previously published as Mr. Far From Perfect.



Kindle only E-book

Now $1.99

A man searching for purpose. A woman needing saving from herself.

When the Man upstairs wants a fellow to do something, the methods aren’t exactly clear cut. As he stood on a lonely country road in Kansas, Kevin Lonergan figured the two flat tires were a message but a really garbled one.

Rella Scofield knew where she’d gone wrong. She’d jettisoned common sense and clung to the two things that she’d always wanted: children and a home in the country. Her marriage had been a travesty long before her husband had taken his 18-wheeler on the road one final time and ended up in that big truck stop in the sky. She was stranded with only her 6- and 7-year-old children and was in labor for the arrival of a third. She needed a miracle.

Which was when he arrived.

Previously published as Mr. Angel (Special Edition).



Kindle only E-book

Now $1.99

Success was hers . . . at least in her career. But when it came to love…well, she’d obviously inherited her mother’s talent for making bad choices with men. With her biological clock ticking, Lauren Nugent decided that motherhood did not require a man to foul things up. But she wasn’t going to take the plunge of adopting until she knew whether she had maternal instincts.

Sam Hackett was the company golden boy. The only man to ever ask for maternity leave to care for his infant daughter, and to telecommute from home. As a parent, Sam was doing a great job of being a father, and he was crushing the “mother” bit as well. Now the company wanted him to head off on a business trip and leave his 18-month old behind? No way! 

He hadn't expected the least likely person on the team to volunteer to fill in. He'd give her a trial weekend with him overseeing things, a temporary compromise. But after that . . . nothing was ever the same again.

Previously published at Maternal Instincts (Special Edition)



Kindle and Trade Paperback only at Amazon

Harte Favre knew what she wanted - a man who interested her, who drew her like a moth to a flame. A man of fire. One quite likely dangerous. Possibly even an outlaw. A gun hand, indubitably.


Richard Thorton found Harte dangerously intriguing and knew better than to associate with a woman of her class . . . and no doubt, clutches. She is a woman longing to be wanton, though he doubts she would feel the same should he give into the temptation. She wants him for more than merely physical education exercises, though. She wants him to protect her feckless cousin Yancy. A job just as likely to see him pushing up daisies as staying within her alluring circle, because Harte Favre isn't merely dangerous. She's the equivalent of a goddamn gut shot, slow, painful and fatal.

Reviewers say: “Beth Henderson creates characters that you might expect to see walking down the streets of the 1800s. They are so real with all the foibles that make us human. Lucky . . . has it all: great promises and great disappointments, romance, and thrilling brawls. And everything is in counterpoint to the plotting of her villains.”



E-book only

Working as an amateur photographer in San Francisco's sordid Barbary Coast, Lilly Renfrew stumbled upon the grisly stabbing of a prostitute. Fleeing the murder scene with the killer fast in pursuit, she crashed into a man as handsome as sin who vowed to protect her!

As a former con artist, Deegan Galloway knew every back alley of the Barbary Coast, but as a newly accepted member of the upper classes, he was stifled by his boring, respectable life. When a beautiful damsel in distress begged his help in unearthing a murderer, he couldn't resist joining in the search. But he never imagined he'd be in danger of losing his heart . . .

A Harlequin Historical



E-book only

Winona Abbot hadn't a clue as to who was stealing jewelry from all her rich friends. But at the rate she was going, she'd never find the thief, not with the continued distraction of the enigmatic Garrett Blackhawk, a man whose only goal appeared to be to steal her heart!

Baron Garrett Blackhawk had known few women with the spark and daring of Winona Abbot. And her attempts to ignore the heat that flared between them only strengthened his desire to uncover her secrets and make the icy beauty his own.

A Harlequin Historical


Her list was short:

#1 Move 2000 miles back to her hometown to become guardian to her orphaned pre-school niece and nephew

#2 Learn to deal with her co-guardian, Max, a man she suspected had been in love with her identical twin sister

#3 Give up chance at dream job (one she's worked hard to land)

#4 Do NOT fall in love with Max!!!!!

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