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Considering I write under all four of the above names, I'm sure that some people think I've never dreamed up a pseudonym that I didn't fancy answering to...or that I've been shifted around a lot in witness protection -- which I haven't been. Really. No witness protection . . . so far.

The reason I use so many names is that I write in different genre niches and not all readers want to read in all these niches.

For instance, Beth Daniels is the one who has a BA in American History with a minor in British Modern History, plus a MA in English Composition and Rhetoric with an Emphasis in Creating Writing...which you could pass out from lack of air just attempting to say. I also have half a MA in American History where my focus was Western American 19th century, that I've never finished. Instead I went off and did research for historical romances with a touch of mystery set in the 19th century American West . . .

. . . and I did so as Beth Henderson (which was my married name at the time). Under this (now) pseudonym I also spin romantic comedy and romantic suspense. 

Then I branched out . . . became J.B. Dane to write comedic mystery that evolved into comedic urban fantasy mystery, spinning full novels to novellas to short stories.

Which is when my history fancying muse suggested another name change to spin alternative history adventure and mystery as Nied Darnell.

Do I ever get confused on who I am? Not usually, but if I'm signing books somewhere and have tomes with more than one of my various names on the covers, don't let me talk and autograph at the same time...that's the only time I ever wrote the wrong name on a title page.

I'm an Ohio native who spent 22 years in the American southwest between Tucson and Las Vegas, but currently live in the Bourbon Capital of the World. 

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