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With a Hellhound Breathing Down My Neck -- guest blogger, Bram Farrell, aka The Raven (updated 8/19)

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

Greetings! Bram Farrell here, aka The Raven. I'm fictional . . . in more ways than one, actually. You see, I used to be the hero (well, actually I still am) in 20 books written by a witch who decided she wanted me in the REAL world, not just on the pages or pixels of a book. I've been on this side of the seam stitched binding since RAVEN'S MOON hit the bookstores in September 2019, though the story itself plays out in the closing days of October (year unspecified 'cause, well, hey, it's fiction!).

When I arrived she gave me a "sitter" of sorts . . . a hellhound, only he chooses to manifest as a black and tan dachshund for reasons he keeps to himself. Which is easy as he doesn't speak human. He gets me to do things with a look, a growl, a nudge. But he understood every insult I hurled at him my first day of sharing his company, and seems to be content to simply have me babble at him.

I excel at babbling. Or so I'm told.

You'd think that it would be J.B. Dane who forced me to write this quick blog entry, but actually it was Beelz. That's his name, though formally, it's Beelzebub. He's sort of a layback height handicapped dude.

I believe the reason he nudged me into this, physically breathing down my neck because he hopped up to the back of the sofa where I was slouched watching Marvel movies, is that we have new adventures out there for your reading pleasure.

Actually, six stories launched into reader land. He's not even in five of them because they're prequels, cases I handled back in fictionland, before I learned I was just a lot of readable hot air. These are novellas rather than full length novels, which will keep you in your chair or slouched on the couch reading for much longer.

In timeline order (though that's not the way they were written, which was more hop around the Ravenverse, they are (drumroll please):

RAVEN FOR A SONG. Damsel in distress with one heck of a dangerous damsel since she's a teenaged siren who thinks a serial killer is after her.

MOCK RAVEN. Bad time for me as someone steals my identity and gets a redo on their face so they look like me, too, and then they kill a harpy while she's wearing a human glamour, and does so in front of witnesses.

RAVEN'S ANCIENT. A soothsayer sooths that I'm the guy to find a missing Sumerian artifact and the missing academic who might have taken off with it or been killed or kidnapped.

RAVEN'S DJINN. Yep, dude in a bottle who insists I need to make three wishes that I know will simply spell more trouble for me. It's not a good idea to leave him available to grant anyone else any wishes either.

RAVEN'S REST. Which isn't me snoozing in the event you were picturing that. Watson hires me to find a missing Holmes after he started studying fairy wings and then disappeared. Unfortunately, I do find him, but it ain't easy or comfortable in any way.

Those are the PREQUELS but, remember, I left fictionland behind and moved into the real world and there is downtime between the novels that play out here, too. Thus, we have the Between the Books novellas.

Beelz is in the first one, RAVEN'S REWARD, which is a Thanksgiving weekend case for us to survive and solve. It falls between the novels RAVEN'S MOON and MARKED RAVEN. It is also a novella, and you can find it at

The hound WROTE the second Between novella, CASE FOR A HOUND, which should be ready to roll off the Amazon presses by the close of August 2022. With luck it will be followed by RAVEN IN VEGAS as I have a cupid I owe some cash to who lives there, except... well, let's just leave it at "except" right now. Fingers crossed it's out by the close of September 2022. Both HOUND and VEGAS take place post MARKED RAVEN and pre RAVEN'S EDGE, the 2nd and 3rd novels in the Ravenverse.

We've already turned in the 4th book, RAVEN CROSSES THE LINE, which will hopefully be a 2023 release. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, find us at Amazon. The Raven Tales novels are available via KU, but the shorter things aren't, but they're dirt cheap . . . not that I know the cost of dirt so we'll say reasonable, okay?

Reviewers find us a delightful comedic read . . . okay, I added the "delightful" but the *s with the reviews indicate that, don't they?


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