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With a Hellhound Breathing Down My Neck -- guest blogger, Bram Farrell, aka The Raven

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Greetings! Bram Farrell here, aka The Raven. I'm fictional . . . in more ways than one, actually. You see, I used to be the hero (well, actually I still am) in 20 books written by a witch who decided she wanted me in the REAL world, not just on the pages or pixels of a book. I've been on this side of the seam stitched binding since RAVEN'S MOON hit the bookstores in September 2019, though the story itself plays out at in the closing days of October (year unspecified 'cause, well, hey, it's fiction!).

When I arrived she gave me a "sitter" of sorts . . . a hellhound, only he chooses to manifest as a black and tan dachshund for reasons he keeps to himself. Which is easy as he doesn't speak human. He gets me to do things with a look, a growl, a nudge. But he understood every insult I hurled at him my first day of sharing his company, and seems to be content to simply have me babble at him.

I excel at babbling. Or so I'm told.

You'd think that it would be J.B. Dane who forced me to write this quick blog entry, but actually it was Beelz. That's his name, though formally, it's Beelzebub. He's sort of a layback height handicapped dude.

I believe the reason he nudged me into this, physically breathing down my neck because he hopped up to the back of the sofa where I was slouched watching Marvel movies, is that we have a new adventure ready to go.

Actually, two . . . no, make that three . . . new stories poised to launch into reader land. He's not even in one of them because it's a prequel, a case I handled back in fictionland, before I learned I was just a lot of readable hot air. It's called RAVEN'S ANCIENT and, just as the other prequel tales are, it is a novella. Find it at

Beelz is in RAVEN'S REWARD, which is a Thanksgiving weekend case for us to survive and solve. It is also a novella and you can find it at

January 12th, 2021 is when the 2nd of the Raven Tale novels flies off the virtual presses. MARKED RAVEN (presale: opens on the most dangerous day of the year, Valentine's Day, with a cupid attempting to assassinate me. It's all downhill (or uphill, depending on your perspective) from there. You do get to meet my new secretary though. Don't know how Beelz and I did without her before this. She's a peach. If he could morph to human form, he'd run off with her.

In case you're wondering, he made his affirmative rumble as he read over my shoulder. Yeah. He can read. Hey, he's a hellhound! He can do nearly anything he wants to do. Fortunately for me, being my backup is one of those things.

Should you have made the major error of not meeting us sooner, I'll remind you that RAVEN'S MOON, the 1st novel in the series is out there and it takes place at the close of October under a full Hunter's Moon, which we happened to have on the same night it rose on October 31st this year! 2020, that is (in case you read this after the new year bursts upon us).

Find us at Amazon. All the Raven Tales are in KU now, and so will the new additions be as they are released. In the meantime, if you haven't met us within the pages of a book, click here for djinn-like delivery to Amazon for . . . RAVEN'S MOON

Reviewers find us a delightful comedic read . . . okay, I added the "delightful" but the *s with the reviews indicate that, don't they?


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