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While under my Dane, Henderson and Darnell names I write fiction, it's under my real name that I pull on my professorial hat and talk about writing genre fiction, something I have never gotten tired of talking about. 

I came to teaching late, not returning to college after a brief fling with a few courses post high school until twenty years later. I loved college life...the courses, the research, the reading. However, I still wanted to write fiction. College made me a far better researcher and a much better writer. I swept up the BA and moved into an MA. The MA allowed me to teach courses in English Composition, Language (which was actually Speech, so verbal presentations of the same stuff that went into essays), and Writing Fiction!

In 2009 the online workshop marketplace began picking up speed and I've been even more active in it since putting college courses behind me. You'll find the current offerings of online workshops listed in the menu above, under, oddly enough, WORKSHOPS.

There have been so many workshops that I've done now, some research centered, others leaning more toward "how to" and "why do" situations in writing fiction, that many have been retired and some of those turned into e-books or, when more than a single workshop was combined, into trade paperbacks as well. These are the titles you'll find here. Most are written with beginning writers in mind, but others are genre niche related.

But let's get to the titles currently available!
How To Write A Funny Mystery
Ebook Only From Savvy Authors Press!
As if it weren't tough enough to write a mystery, to come up with the crime, to commit the crime (on paper, of course), and then turn a sleuth lose to solve it, now you'd like to do what many other mystery writers do in the market today.
You want to add comedy to it.
Not as easy to do as you might at first think.
How to Write a Funny Mystery not only strolls through the various types of mystery, and the various types of humor that can be used in a mystery, there are examples from books, TV, and movies PLUS excerpts to illustrate how something can be done.
Originally this topic appeared in month long online workshops but for the book, we started from scratch and included material that didn't appear in any of the workshops. 
You really don't want to miss this one, do you?

Muse to Manuscript
E-book and Trade Paperback

Multi-published novelist (under various pseudonyms) Beth Daniels knows there is no one way to write a book, particularly a novel. But if you’ve never written anything with the goal of publication before (or just to finish it to share with friends and family), you’ve got to know where to start, right?

Things covered in MUSE TO MANUSCRIPT: WRITE A NOVEL are:
• Which genre best fits your story idea
• Considering who your audience is
• How long a novel actually needs to be in word count
• Great openings and conclusions need something between them – lots of smaller bits for the middle of the story
• Learning from inadvertent mentors – your favorite authors – and creating a guideline from your favorite books
• To plot or not to plot ahead of time with guidelines on building a story either way
• Dividing the plot to conquer it
• Easy steps to plot by and the importance of action-reaction
• Types of research likely to be needed and when it needs to be done
• A brief guide to formatting and proposal packages
• Creating characters – main, secondary and thirdenary ones
• Sorting out POVs (points of view)
• World building for fantasy, romance, or mystery stories
• Reasons why everything needs a backstory
• In fact, reasons why doing some things are necessary and why others can be a choice of what works best for you!

It’s time to move from wanted to write a novel towards becoming a published novelist!

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E-book and Trade Paperback

Still the only guide focused exclusively on spinning Steampunk stories, be they Victorian, Weird West, elsewhere in this world, or in a parallel universe!

Includes a story building recipe, character types, a how-to on combining historical elements and then warping them to build a Steampunk world pluse a list of publishers interested in Steampunk!

Revised 3rd edition

Available only at Amazon!

Holiday Gift?

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